The Pay & Display machine has proven to be efficient and reliable. The unit works well and our daily parking income is consistent. Now there is minimal involvement with our daily parkers and we are experiencing a greater level of security.”

Colleen Pilgrim,
Property Manager

We are very pleased with the new parking management system ParkSmart installed on our premises. The automated ‘Pay & Display’ unit, supported with regular patrolling to ensure compliance, not only provides additional property revenue, but also reduces the Superintendent’s time in managing unauthorized parking on the premises.”

Jack Greenberg,
Compten Property Managers

The residents of our building are very pleased with the Pay & Display parking system. Because the system is fully automated, they can obtain parking passes with their SmartCity® cards at any time throughout the day or night without worrying about tracking down a Superintendent. In return, the Superintendents are delighted that residents are self-sufficient in obtaining parking permits and are not bothering them at all hours of the night. Residents also like the Pay & Display’s ability to accept cash, credit cards, or SmartCity® cards, giving them the flexibility to purchase additional permits if they wish. The system is an overall convenience!”

Dimi Kapetanos,
Onsite Property Manager,
Frastell Property Management Inc.

ParkSmart’s parking system has allowed us to obtain maximum output from our limited exterior spaces and generate new revenue from short term parkers who spill over from our stores and businesses. At the same time, the system has improved our parking controls and reduced abuse of the parking regulations, increasing the safety and convenience of our residential tenants and their guests, as well as our retail and commercial tenant customer alike.”

Brad Smith,
Executive Vice President,
Briar Lane Property Management