ParkSmart provides services for automating and modernizing parking operations to meet every municipality’s unique needs and budget. ParkSmart can eliminate your need for capital budget to upgrade your downtown parking. We provide user-friendly, efficient, revenue-generating solutions for the public and business stakeholders in your community that pay for themselves in as little as one year. ParkSmart offers a full range of products and innovative services that will not only help you with the efficiency of your operations, but increase your revenues, eliminate capital expenditures and reduce operating costs.

Systems and hardware may be purchased outright, or with optional services such as credit card and ticket processing. No capital investment is required as ParkSmart offers a variety of sales, leasing and “full service” options to meet every municipality’s unique needs and budget. We will even help you design parking policies, facilities or programs to meet the needs of your community.

ParkSmart Full Service Package:

  • Consultation
  • Site Planning & Analysis
  • Signage, Permits & Parking Policies
  • Installation
  • Collection & Payment Processing
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Ticketing Processing
  • Enforcement
  • Wireless Machine Monitoring
  • IVR & Online Internet Payment