Pay & Display

The ParkSmart wireless (GPRS) Pay & Display parking management system can help increase revenue and improve operational efficiency while taking control of your parking facility. Pay & Display is fully automated, eliminating the need for dedicated parking staff, and our unique Token Technology™ allows designated parkers to self-issue reduced-rate or free permits on a controlled basis. Token Technology™ is ideal for employee parking, special needs users, or residential building applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Highly Secure
  • Optional Power Source
  • Unattended Permit Issuance
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Audit Control
  • Programmable for time of day rates
  • Wireless Reporting
  • Remote Administration
  • Dependable Low Operating Cost
  • Scalable
  • Easy to use


Customer Convenience: CALE wireless Pay & Display machines feature multiple payment options for customer convenience, accepting coins, credit cards and smart cards.

Optimize Revenue Through Unmatched Flexibility: CALE’s programmable software enables you to set rates based on high and low demand periods, holidays and special events to optimize usage and revenue. Multi-fee schedules are a standard feature on all of our Pay & Display equipment.

Minimize Capital Investment Option: Property owners and managers can enter the parking industry and maximize their parking facilities while minimizing their capital investment through ParkSmart’s “Full Service” leasing solution.

Improve Reliability: High technical competence, combined with excellent reliability, have always been features of Cale products, resulting in a long working life and efficient economic operation.

Integrated Parking Management Solutions

Enhance Appearance: ParkSmart’s Pay & Display machines are aesthetically pleasing on the urban streetscape. They allow for the removal of single space meter posts. One Pay & Display machine can replace ten to fifteen single space meters. Fewer posts result in less clutter, easier snow removal and sidewalk clean up.

Minimize Downtime: Minimize downtime and optimize usage and revenue through C-ARGUS(GPRS) wireless reporting and default detection management software. Technicians are immediately notified of coin jams, vandalism and out-of-paper conditions.

Environmentally Friendly: ParkSmart’s Pay & Display machines are available in both AC and solar powered models. Solar power eliminates the need for costly wiring or disruptive excavations of sidewalks. To keep the environmental impact to a minimum during use, the machine was designed to the guidelines corresponding to ISO 14001.

Improved Parking Capacity: Increased on-street parking capacity without any construction (ie stall markings not required) thereby accommodating more vehicles of varying lengths in the same area.

Management & Audit Information: Central management software captures and reports data on vehicle occupancy, turnover and purchase rates. GPRS wireless communications system provides real time monitoring, credit card processing and fault reporting of Pay & Display devices.