Token Technology

Ideal for residential, commercial and institutional properties alike, our unique “Token Technology” and smart card applications allow you to grant tenants, patrons or employees reduced-rate or free parking permits that they can self-issue at any time without the tedious issuing of “paper” passes by on-site staff. You choose the number of permits granted to each cardholder per month. The system encourages cardholders to park in designated areas while allowing “pay-for-use” parking in the same lot. Our card technology can also be integrated with parking garage access.

Features and Benefits:

  • Controls unauthorized use of parking lot, while automating the issuance of
    parking passes
  • Offers convenience to parkers with 24/7 access to parking permits
  • Allows for easier, more accurate enforcement
  • Keeps parkers out of the management office, reducing disruptions and the opportunities for nuisance complaints
  • Stops registered tenants from parking a second vehicle in visitor parking rather than paying for an additional stall