ParkSmart provides a complete
Permit Management Solution

Permit Management Benefits Include:

  • No Capital Investment
  • No Ongoing Operating Costs – no need to hire staff to administer program or provide enforcement
  • Increased Efficiency – permits and revenue are managed for you. ParkSmart issues permits, processes payments and handles inquires via 1-800 phone service
  • Increased Capability – different types of permits are managed at one source
  • Higher Revenues – ParkSmart enforcement staff achieve higher compliance by performing on-site audit checks of permits displayed on all vehicles

Permit Management Features Include:

  • Registration of All Vehicles – in the ParkSmart database (using state-of-the-art software, proven to be robust and reliable)
  • Permit Flexibility – accommodates different permit durations (i.e. monthly, quarterly, annually, special events…etc)
  • Data Accumulation – records and stores permit application data (i.e. name, address, phone number, vehicle make, license plate – including multiple vehicles per user – plus location and, especially for new tenants, permit start date) all on secure servers ensuring privacy of information
  • Product Integration – interfaces with handheld computers for issuing parking tickets and performing on-site audits of displayed vehicle permits
  • Search Flexibility – by name, address, vehicle, phone number (to assist with customer inquiries)
  • Remote Access – makes all data available via web (i.e. Internet, Citrix…etc)
  • Multiple Payment Access – post-dated cheques, credit cards, and pre-authorized payments
  • Batch Processing – monthly pre-authorized or credit card payments to applicable financial institutions
  • NSF Tracking – automatically notifies NSF customers that property manager demands payment within 5 days (or else vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed)
  • Automatic Notification – triggers permit renewals and reminder letters to tenants
  • Audit Control – records detailed audit trail of all transactions
  • Smart Card Accessibility – interfaces with SmartCity® smart cards for parking lot access control (entry and exit)
  • Automatic Permit Distribution – distributes permits directly to customers
  • Customer Interaction – enables permit acquisition and cancellation by customers
  • Parking Enforcement – ensures high compliance through planned patrol by courteous and highly trained officers, at random times on random days