Ticket Processing Services

ParkSmart is one of Canada’s largest independent ticket processors, with over 500,000 parking tickets processed annually. Our Service Bureau is designed to provide all the functionality and convenience of an in-house system, without the capital expense of purchasing, installing, maintaining and operating software and hardware.

We can perform virtually all day-to-day operations, including:

  • Data Entry
  • Ticket Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Online Internet Payments
  • Timely Customer Inquiry Response
  • Acquiring Registered Owner Information from Provincial Registries
  • Management Report Generation
  • Late Notices and Summons Generation
  • System and Database Administration
  • Trial/Court Dates Scheduling

Our Service Bureau offers an end-to-end ticket processing solution, or separate modules
to fill obsolete or cost prohibitive gaps in existing in-house systems.

We configure our Service Bureau to your specific requirements and set up your own database.
You have on-line access to the system via a wide area network (WAN) with the same capabilities
and functionality as you would if the system were in-house. You retain the ability to manage your activities and respond to your constituents, while ParkSmart performs the high-volume backroom, repetitive functions. The result? Overall savings and service delivery improvement!